Pizza history

Interesting Facts about Pizza History

The foundations for Pizza were originally laid by the early Greeks who first baked large, round and flat breads which they topped with various items such as olive oils, spices, potatoes and other things. Tomatoes were not discovered at that time or, very likely, they would have used them as we do today.

Eventually the idea of flat bread found its way to Italy where, in the 18th century, the flat breads called “Pizzas”, were sold on the streets and in the markets. They were not topped with anything but were enjoyed au naturel. Since they were relatively cheap to make, were tasty and filling, they were sold to the poor all over Naples by street vendors.

The acceptance of the tomato by the Neapolitans and the visit of a queen contributed to the Pizza as we know and enjoy it today.

Pizza has undergone a very slow process of evolution over the centuries but there are some noteworthy dates in th history of pizza.

In 1830 the first pizzeria was opened in Naples called “Port Alba”.

First pizza was considered the food of the poor, but with its thin crust it soon made its way to royal court.

1889 is the second important date in the history of pizza. That year King Umberto I of Savoy, on a wedding tour of his kingdom, arrived in Naples with his young bride, Queen Margherita. Tired of the rich court food, the queen asked to sample some of the popular foods of the people. Raffaele Esposito, considered the premier pizza baker of the time, was summoned to prepare pizzas for the queen. He made a pizza of three colours – white mozzarella, red tomato sauce and green basil spices, to mirror the Italian flag and show his loyalty to his country. It was a hit and he named his creation the Margherita pizza after the queen. These three are the main pizza components until today.

In the beginning of the 19th century many peasants went from South-Italy to USA on the chance of finding better life for themselves in the New World. Along with those peasants also pizza spread to America, where it gained great popularity over the years. It is even thought that pizza arrived to the rest of Europe through America.

Today pizza is known all over the world and is very popular.

The first Pappa Pizza was opened 1995 in Tallinn.