Home delivery in Tallinn

In Tallinn and nearby you can order pizza from 2 pizza delivering companies, who are fully responsible for timely and correct order!

1. PizzaExpress


ORDER ONLINE – https://bringit.ee/eng/restoran/pappa-pizza/ To confirm the
order we need to call you by the phone.

23.06-24.06 closed

25.06 open 14:00-02:00

Telephone: 588 990 88


Mon-Sat: 10:00–02:00

Sun: 10:00-00:00

Delivery starts at 4,90 euros!

Pizza order more than 65.00 eur delivery is for FREE in Tallinn

Birthday campaign does not apply on pizza delivery to the house.
Credit card payments accepted.
Drinks order accepted.

2. Pizza koju 24h


Telephone1337 or 50 111 85

Credit card payments accepted if You let customer attendent know.

Open: 24H

Promotion: When You order 10 or more big pizzas, we deliver it for You for FREE in Tallinn

If You order 5 or more big pizzas we bring You 2 liter Coca-Cola for FREE!

Homedelivery within the borders of Tallinn 4,99. Outside Tallinn 35km-fee on call